How to Import Your LIST in Mailster

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      In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to import your LIST in Mailster.  Mailster email marketing system is a wordpress plugin available at for a one-time cost of approximately $90 USD.  There are no monthly charges with Mailster.

      Uploading a LIST in Mailster is relatively simple.  You can upload a maximum of 50,000 subscribers per list.  The list can be a CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet copy and past file.

     The video below illustrates.

     The All-in-One email marketing system using Mailster wordpress plugin, all installed on your very own SMTP Server, is a tremendous cost saver.  You can send unlimited emails from your wordpress backoffice.

     Because your All-in-One system is installed on your very own SMTP Server, you are in TOTAL CONTROL of your email marketing campaigns.  You can never be SHUT DOWN or in violation of certain ‘terms and conditions’ that totally surprised you.

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