How to Build a Sales Funnel with your All-IN-ONE System

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      In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to build a sales funnel using our all-in-one email marketing system.  Using our 2 wordpress plugins, Mailwizz and Elementor, we create this funnel.

      When building your sales funnel, we will need to create the following:

1 – an optin form containing the email address.  We use this form on our Lead Capture page that we create using Elementor PRO page builder.  In order to use optin forms we must use Elementor PRO.  The PRO version of Elementor is $49 per year for up to 3 websites;

2 – next we will create a new LIST using our Mailwizz email marketing wordpress plugin;

3 – next we will create a new autoresponder message using Mailwizz;

4 – finally we will create our 3 pages using Elementor PRO.  Our 3 pages include a Lead Capture page, a thank you page, and another thank you page after email confirmation.  Our form is a double optin form and the subscriber has to confirm their email address in order to access the content.

     Using the ALL-N-ONE Email Marketing System has several advantages over a traditional email marketing provider like Aweber, GetResponse, SendGrid, etc.

     One of the biggest advantages of using the ALL-IN-ONE Email Marketing System is the monthly costs savings.  You can send unlimited emails using this system for approximately $40-50 USD monthly. 

     One of second biggest advantages is you are in TOTAL CONTROL of your email marketing campaigns and you can never be SHUT DOWN or your account ‘terminated due to violation of terms and conditions’.

     Another huge advantage this system gives its users is you are using your very own SMTP SERVER designed with specific DNS records giving you a 10/10 sending score before you send your very first email.  With a 10/10 sending score your probability of landing your emails in the PRIMARY INBOX are greatly enhanced.  Always remember to do a proper warmup, especially with a new domain.

Thanks Chris. The All-in-ONE email marketing system saved me over $400 monthly.

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     For more info on your very own ALL-IN-ONE Email Marketing System for your niche contact

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