How to Add a GIF Email Message with Mailster

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      In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how easy it is to add a ‘GIF’ email message using Mailster email marketing system.

      Mailster in an integral part of our All-in-One email marketing system.  A wordpress plugin, Mailster is a total email marketing platform operated excluisvely from your wordpress backoffice or admin area.

      Using  a ‘GIF’ in your email can create great awareness and draw attention to your email content.  After all, that is exactly our intent when submitting an email campaign.

      The All-in-One email marketing system saves lots of money monthly, is easy and fun to use, and highly efficient.

      If you are looking for a change in your email marketing  platform, or simply to begin your email marketing career, send me an email to and we will discuss your options.

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