Are Your Emails Landing in SPAM? Use These 2 Free Tools

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      In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to use these 2 free tools to help your emails find the primary INBOX.  The first free tool is to establish and/or determine our ‘DOMAIN REPUTATION’.  The goal of our domain reputation is ‘HIGH’.  With a high domain reputation our emails have a higher probability of finding the primary inbox.

       The second free tool we use is  This tool determines our ‘sending score’.  The goal of a sending score is 10/10. If your IP mail server has less than a 10/10 sending score you are more likely to find the ‘spam’ folder.  Always check your domain host to insure you have the proper DNS records to fully authenticate your domain.

     The video below illustrates.

     If you are an online marketer and ‘buy email lists’,  your chances of finding the ‘PRIMARY INBOX’ are slim.  Due to low open rates, spam complaints, ineffective content, low engagement, etc.  your emails have a high probability of going to SPAM.

     To increase your probability of landing in the INBOX the EMAIL WARMUP SOFTWARE is a great alternative.  This software works with paid GSuite email accounts only.  The software will open all the emails, mark as important, send a reply, and move from the spam folder to primary inbox.



     The All-in-One email marketing system using Mailster wordpress plugin, all installed on your very own SMTP Server, is a tremendous cost saver.  You can send unlimited emails from your wordpress backoffice.

     Because your All-in-One system is installed on your very own SMTP Server,  your sending score is 10/10.  Using this system you are in TOTAL CONTROL of your email marketing campaigns.  You can never be SHUT DOWN or in violation of certain ‘terms and conditions’ that totally surprised you.

     For more info on the ALL-in-One email marketing system contact 

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