Your Very Own Personal SMTP Server vs Gsuite Using

In this video we take a look at the comparison of using Gsuite from Google with a Google domain with your very own personal SMTP server with

As you can see, having total control over your email marketing campaigns is highly advantageous than using a 3rd party system.

If you would like your very own SMTP server send me an email to

To total control,


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Live Demo of the Email Warmup Software at Work – 9-4-21

This video is a LIVE DEMO of the email warmup software at work.  I demonstrate how to use the subscription service by sending an email and also demonstrate how the software processes the emails.

The software creates engagement to your emails in order to establish a ‘HIGH’ Google domain reputation which helps increase your probability of landing your emails in the recipient INBOX.

The video below illustrates.

The software performs the following tasks for each email:

1 – moves the email from SPAM to primary INBOX;

2 – stars the email;

3 – marks the email as important;

4 – sends a REPLY to the email;

5 – Clicks the link in the email.

This creates total email engagement to help you establish the ‘HIGH’ domain reputation we are seeking and land your email in the primary INBOX.

Reach out to me with questions at

Forever a HIGH domain reputation,


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Why I Use My Own Email Marketing System for Effective Email Campaigns

Email Marketing can be tricky.  Especially with the major email marketing companies leading you to believe their systems are always the best.  Not so fast grasshopper.  I am here to say otherwise.   This post is simply my opinion based on experience. Continue reading

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How to Connect ElementorPRO to Mailwizz Autoresponder using Zapier

ElementorPRO page builder, a wordpress plugin,  has several integrations with Email marketing providers.  However, Mailwizz is not one of them.  So, how do we connect ElementorPRO to Mailwizz autoresponder?  Can it even be done?  Is there an effective ‘work around’?

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Why I Prefer Mailwizz Email Marketing Application When Building an Email Marketing System

When building a complete email marketing system, including SMTP mail server with cpanel, I prefer to use Mailwizz email marketing application.

Continue reading

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